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Why You Should Fire Some Clients

When we start a graphic design business we need every client we can get to keep the business afloat. With time we build up a client base and eventually we don’t need to take on every client that comes through the door or even keep every client that you’re currently working with. That’s when we can, and should, be more selective about our client base.

Today we’re going to look at some of the benefits that can come from getting rid of some of your less desirable clients. We’ll follow this up in the coming weeks with a post that explores how to let go of those clients.

Increased Profitability

With a service-based business like graphic design we often hit a ceiling where we’re working as much as we can. At this point there are only a few options to make your business more profitable. We’ve looked at side income projects and subcontracting your design work, but another way is to fire clients whose projects are less profitable for you.

More Time Off

Many of us would rather work less than make more. By letting go of the clients that take up more time than they’re worth (let’s be honest, some clients require a disproportionate amount of time and effort for the revenue they give you), you can shorten your work days without a significant cost to your income.

Greater Job Satisfaction

We all know that some clients are a pleasure to work with and give us projects that we love working on, while others frustrate us, bore us, or even make us want to quit design altogether. You can increase your level of satisfaction instantly by getting rid of clients that cause you the most stress.

Free Up Space For Better Clients

Of course, the best reason to fire undesirable clients is that it frees up space to work with the clients you really want to work with. We all have a capacity level that we can work with, so we might as well make an effort to fill our available space with the best clients possible. For example, a company called Morningdove Marketing does web design for pest control companies, but due to small budgets and big expectations, they’ve had to be very selective in the clients they work with.

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