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Unique Logo Design

Many businesses now are requesting unique logo designs – which can lead to mixed results. Some designs can give a professional modern appeal, whilst others can be just plain confusing.

With any logo design you should be looking to create an easy to understand message and memorable design – so that customers will think of your business when it comes time to make their next purchase or use require your services.

What do Geometric Symbols Mean in Logo Design?

Squares and square shapes pass on dependability, unwavering quality, quality, request and consistency. Think about the blocks used to manufacture tough, stable structures. In the event that you need your logo to impart quality and unwavering quality, consider fusing squares or square shapes.

Circles are endless. Along these lines, they might be the correct decision in the event that you need to make customers consider amicability, solidarity, time everlasting or immortality. Bends are likewise viewed as ladylike; and, thusly, circles impart delicate quality, politeness and gentility.

Triangles are a directional shape. Thus, they change significance relying upon how they are situated. At the point when right side up, triangles pass on power, solidness and upward force. Transformed triangles recommend flimsiness or descending force. What’s more, triangles indicating the side pass on development and bearing dependent on where the triangle’s point is confronting.

Let’s take a look at a real life design:

Master Your Money Now – Geelong based local financial planning agency

This Geelong based based advisor uses a simple line style geometric design – which captures the use of both the “M” and “N” of the business name within one solid image. Whilst abstract in letter use, the logo is simple to the eye and easy to understand. There are also elements which are representative of other meanings – such as the “Alpha” triangle which may be intentional to add additional meaning. These types of logos are becoming increasingly common as a simple way to display the business name in a small space and can be easily replicated on the website, business cards, email signatures etc. In a business such as financial advice, its important to provide a professional clean cut appearance, to aid in the trust factor that any clients needs in their broker.

Why Geometric?

Geometric logos frequently go past these fundamental shapes to recount more nuanced mark stories. Geometric shapes have been available in craftsmanship for a considerable length of time. Antiquated creators saw how geometric shapes and examples can give a visual portrayal of the scientific rules that include our reality and utilized them to impart enormous thoughts regarding science, craftsmanship, religion and mankind.

With so much nuance and history behind geometric structures, it tends to be difficult to realize where to begin when swinging to this style for your very own marking.

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