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Awesome Gift Ideas For Designers

With Christmas just around the corner, there are plenty of people out there looking for last minute ideas for the graphic designers on their list (and many graphic designers making lists). So today we thought we’d feature a few fun gift ideas for designers and other creatives. Or, if you’ve been too naughty to get presents, you may want to buy them for yourself.

Fun Stuff:

Pantone Mugs

A great present for color lovers and design nerds alike. Available in many colors and as sets.

Pantone Notebook

What better way to take notes while sipping coffee from your Pantone mug than in your Pantone notebook?

Adobe App Pillows

For those who eat drink and sleep Adobe.


The best toy ever and a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Mighty Muggs Customizable Figure

Design your own action figures! Tons of fun.

Photoshop Magnet Set

Make the photos on your fridge look like they’re being tweaked in Photoshop with this fun magnet set.

Photoshop Picture Frame

A fun gift for both photographers and designers!

Useful Stuff:

Moleskine Notebooks

I think all creatives love the classic Moleskine notebook. Classy and useful.

Moleskine Folio Tablet Cover

It will go so nicely with their pile of Moleskines!

Wacom Pen Tablet

A very natural-feeling way to design, particularly for those that like to sketch.

Subscription To Software Tutorials

Lynda is a great, self-paced way for designers to upgrade their skills and learn new ones.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Automatically records your client meetings while you write. Later, you can review the audio from any part of the meeting by tapping the notes. Never miss a detail again!


The Pantone Guide To Communicating With Color

A great book about color psychology and how to use color more effectively.


An excellent resource for ideas and inspiration.

Logo Savvy

An invaluable resource for designers that work with logos and branding.



A classic documentary about a classic typeface.

The Mystery Of Picasso

A very cool documentary that lets you watch Picasso’s paintings as they progress.

Art School Confidential

A funny and slightly misanthropic look at creative development.

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