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5 Tips For Beating Designer’s Block

The dreaded blank page of the sketchbook (or blank pasteboard in your favorite design software)… it sits and taunts you, and the longer it stays empty, the harder it is to start. Here are five ideas to help you get started when you’re having trouble with a particular design.

Start With Collage

Get out some old magazines a start by arranging elements that you’ve cut from them. Sometimes working with your hands can really get the creative juices flowing.

Switch Mediums

If you normally start with sketching, try starting in software. If you normally start in software, start with a pencil.

Revamp An Old Design

We all have rejected designs that we thought were great, but wasn’t the client’s cup of tea. The longer you’ve been in the business, the more of those you have. Try taking one of those designs and using it as a starting point for a new design.

Improve Your Local Scenery

An effectively designed office can improve the functional time you spend working and give inspiration to your designs. What’s more likely to get those creative juices flowing – a pile of paperwork in a cramped dark office, or a modern, well thought out and decorated office?

Design In Reverse

Most of us start a design by laying out the visual elements, then adding the content. Trying laying out content first, then adding visual elements around it.

Ask More Questions

Find out more information about the business, product, or association that the design is for. Where did they get started? What is the origin of the company name? What was the first product they offered? Sometimes a little more depth in the creative brief can spark some new ideas.

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