5 Good Laughs For Graphic Designers

funny graphic designWe thought we’d start the week with a little bit of fun. Here are a few links to fun and funny things to give you a little laugh and get you in a good mood for the week ahead. Just a warning, though, some of these may be funny because the hit close to home. Enjoy!

Should I Work For Free?

A funny flow chart to help you decide if you should work for free.


Missing Missy

A very funny exchange between a graphic designer and someone who wants a poster for her missing cat.


Font Conference Video

An oldie, but a goodie, this video shows what happens when fonts get together.


Social Media Venn Diagram

A look at why we like different forms of social media.

Do You Need A New Logo?

A flow chart to help your clients decide if they need a new logo.

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3 Responses to 5 Good Laughs For Graphic Designers

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  2. Very hilarious post. Should be a good laugh for any graphic designer. Thanks for sharing them. you made my day.

  3. Dawid Surowiec says:

    Missing Missy made my day thx for the share ;d

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