Awesome Gift Ideas For Designers

gift ideas for graphic designersWith Christmas just around the corner, there are plenty of people out there looking for last minute ideas for the graphic designers on their list (and many graphic designers making lists). So today we thought we’d feature a few fun gift ideas for designers and other creatives. Or, if you’ve ... Continue Reading

Some Design Blog Is Going On Hiatus

Hello everybody,

This is a note to let you know that this blog is going to be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Thank you for your support and readership, and we hope that we’ve managed to provide useful content for you. ... Continue Reading

Winning New Clients With A Polished Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch For Graphic DesignersMany graphic designers, when asked what they do, will either answer with just “I’m a graphic designer”, or they’ll ramble a little about the types of projects they do. There’s nothing wrong with either of those responses, but there is a way to respond that is more likely to ... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Deliver Big Design Files

how to send large design filesFile management can be a big deal for graphic designers. Low-resolution proofs are easily sent by email, but when it comes time to deliver big press-ready files, email usually won’t cut it. File management becomes an even bigger issue when you’re collaborating remotely with other creatives. Here is a quick ... Continue Reading

9-to-5 Vs The Open Work Schedule

graphic design work scheduleMany design studios allow their employees to set their own hours, and all freelance designers have this option. While many designers use this available flexibility to its fullest, it may come as a surprise to some that a significant percentage of designers choose to stick to a traditional nine-to-five ... Continue Reading

7 Tips for Gaining Repeat Clients

How To Get Graphic Design ClientsAll freelancers want be awarded projects with better-paying clients. However, once you get them it is critical to keep them if you hope to be successful. No matter how you get new clients, whether by networking, direct mail, responding to job posts, or some other tactic, it is a time-consuming and ... Continue Reading

Inspiration: 10 Crafty Looking Websites

Crafty Website DesignsIn the slick, pixel-perfect world of the web, designing with texture and crafty styles can really make a site stand out. Be it hand-drawn elements, paper textures, or illustration, a little craftiness can bring a whold new dimension to a website design. Here are some examples to use for inspiration!

... Continue Reading

The Most Important Question In Your Creative Brief

If you read our post on the 3 Questions All Marketing Needs To Answer you’ll have had a head start on what we’re about to look at. This post is about an extremely important piece of marketing information.

Here is a key piece of info that every ... Continue Reading

8 Daily Reminders For Being a Better Designer

graphic design remindersGood habits come from reminding ourselves over and over of how we strive to be until it it happens on its own. This is equally true whether you’re trying to improve your posture (you’re slouching right now, aren’t you), eat ... Continue Reading

5 Tips For Beating Designer’s Block

beating designer's blockThe dreaded blank page of the sketchbook (or blank pasteboard in your favorite design software)… it sits and taunts you, and the longer it stays empty, the harder it is to start. Here are five ideas to help you get started when you’re ... Continue Reading